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A natural material

There are various types of leather - from robust thick leathers to super soft nubucks. Each leather has its individual characteristics and is therefore suitable for specific purposes. No other material unites breathability and durability in such exclusive touch and feel. The combination of tanning and finishing provides countless possibilities in designing visual and useful properties. Nevertheless, leather is barely perfect. Skin creases, scratches and marks make each hide unique and require hand-selection. With careful and expert workmanship, we create products, which endure decades and develop their very own distinctive patina.

The tanning process

Turning the animal hide into a durable, non-perishable material, requires an extensive chemical process. In a preparatory stage, the hides are cleaned and cleared of hair. The tanning-reaction itself, changes the protein structure of the skin, preserving it permanently. Color is added in the dyeing stage and finalized in finishing, where the final touches are added. Tanning agents can be of vegetable, synthetic or mineral origin. Our leathers are chromium-tanned. As all working-steps require a considerable input of water, energy and chemicals, we attach great importance to secure and environmentally compatible production methods.

Leather Care

Selected carefully and manufactured conscientiously, our leathers are well equipped for everyday use. They do not require additional treatment or impregnation. Nevertheless, you should handle special products with special care. Leather is a natural and breathing material and should not be stored in plastic for that reason. Variations in color and surface uniformity as well as color migration due to environmental influences may occur. Further rich colored textiles, such as denim, can discolor light leathers.

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